Bridging Opportunities in Leadership and Diversity (BOLD) is a learning community open to multicultural students enrolled in College of Liberal Arts and Sciences majors. Students in the learning community are supported by BOLD Peer Mentors, second years students


2015 Welcome Event

"Research shows that on predominantly white campuses, it's not uncommon for students of color to feel isolated. It can make them feel less safe, and it can make them feel like it doesn't matter."
– Der Vang, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Multicultural Liaison Officer

BOLD Learning Community


Der Vang, MLO for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, created the BOLD Learning Community and BOLD Peer Mentors programs to support the retention of first-year and transfer students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The BOLD Learning Community provides community, culturally-relevant leadership development, and encourages campus engagement. Students learn about academic resources, opportunities to get involved on campus, professional development, and leadership opportunities. Students also engage in critical discussions to learn about who they are.


2017–2018 Peer Mentors

BOLD Peer Mentors

After completing their first year, BOLD students can remain engaged with the community through the BOLD Peer Mentors program. Second-year students can apply to serve as peer mentors, working with first-year students to promote a successful transition to Iowa State. Peer mentors also enroll in Leadership Studies (LD ST) 122: Leading with Purpose.

In their third and fourth years, students can continue as peer mentors, or apply to be Success Leaders. Success Leaders advocate for socially-just practices and high-impact learning, and have the opportunity to facilitate the curriculum, plan learning community activities, and serve as role models to peer mentors and first-year students.

The leadership opportunites provided by the peer mentoring program extend beyond the BOLD community.


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