(Multi)Cultural Spaces documents, preserves, and shares the stories of multicultural students, faculty, and staff at Iowa State University, by highlighting the spaces they built and/or utilized to foster community, provide and receive support, build relationships, inspire activism, grow personally and professionally, and celebrate identities.

These spaces can be vital for members of underrepresented racial and ethnic group, who can feel isolated at predominantly white institutions like Iowa State University.

This project will capture oral histories of past and present members of multicultural organizations at Iowa State University. These oral histories will be supplemented with photographs and records collected from members and the Iowa State University Special Collections and University Archives.

Past and present members of multicultural organizations are invited to contribute their photos to this project.

(Multi)Cultural Spaces is a collaborative project of the Iowa State University Library and the Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion.

Using this site

Click on the "View Collections" tab to view photographs, documents, and oral histories documenting history of different (multi)cultural spaces.

Click on the "View Exhibits" tab to read the histories of (multi)cultural spaces and view curated photographs, documents, and oral histories about those spaces.